Quicker Results Straight in Patient Graph

MDVision goes beyond to conventional healthcare systems by simplifying Lab and multi-modality Imaging integration. Increases productivity and lowers the entire functioning cost as well as workload. Get automated results straight in patient’s chart with abnormal flags to label the critical care requirements.

Electronic orders

From order entry to printing customized specimen label or in-house lab selection to 3rd party lab requisition no matter what you ordered, you’ll catch the tailored services for a connected world.

Let’s Get Connected Now

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Key benefits for Labs & Radiology

  • Multispecialty lab integration
  • Inpatient & outpatient testing
  • Modest & scalable ordering
  • Quick, accurate & direct results
  • Share results with the referral network
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Quality control

MDVision strives to produce the most accurate, precise laboratory and imaging data for specialized practice. The specialty health care Interface is expressly optimized for Auto-coding, billing & insurance. Let’s go hand in hand with MDVision to be the one source for all of your Lab and imaging needs.

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